Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm writing this post from Dallas after a busy week of training. We are staying at a place called the Dallas Center which hosts Wycliffe International Offices as well as the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, where missionaries go to get the necessary training and classes. It is so hard to summarize everything I've learned in a few paragraphs, but I'll try to hit the highlights.
  • Malcolm Moli, a man from the Solomon Islands has been with us throughout our training, so he has given us a lot of insight into the culture, as well as Solomon Islands Pigin. Ninety percent of people in the Solomons speak Pigin, and it really isn't too different from English. It employs a lot of English words with grammar from the local lanuages. For example, to introduce myself, I would say: "Nem blong me Melissa" (Name belong me Melissa).
  • Half of our team participated in a workshop called Arts for a Better Future. Through this workshop, they learned tools about how to encourage the use of arts in culturally appropriate ways to meet needs of a different culture. Those who participated in the workshop will be conducting a seminar applying what they learned at the Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomons.
  • The other half of our team (my half) learned some basic linguistics as well as listened to presentations on areas where we could serve at Wycliffe. Besides Bible Translation, there are big needs for people who would be willing to serve with literacy (promoting reading in their own language) and Scripture Engagement, which involves helping people see the relevance of Scripture in their daily lives.
  • We also attended presentations on Spiritual vitality, Spiritual Warfare, and a session about what life is like on the mission field.
  • My team seems to be bonding well.
  • A great week of learning
Prayer requests
  • Travel Safety. Our first flight leaves Sunday evening, and we will be arriving in the Solomons the coming Wednesday!
  • Ability to process the information I've learned
  • Continued bonding as a team
  • That I would be open to ways God can use my gifts when I am over in the Solomons.


  1. I love the things that you are learning and what God is showing in your life. I especially took have been learning the joys of "walking" with Christ. I love that in Hebrew, it comes from the family of verbs that means a continual action (just like the "to pray" verb palal means to continue praying). May you continually, always, and faithfully walk alongside Christ. And may his presence be with you during travels. Miss and love you!

    All is grace,

  2. Hey Melissa! Enjoying your blog and praying for you!

    Your mom is trying to leave you comments, but she needs you to enable the anonymous comments feature.